What is Badly Drawn Death?

Badly Drawn Death is a quick, casual, fast paced card game where you try to kill your friends in silly ways. The game was devised and created by Stef Ashwell, the idea was for a game that was quick, brutal and allowed for lots of backstabbing and tactical play.

During these initial stages the idea was expanded into it's first incarnation along with Gemma Swallow. It was at this stage the game was named Badly Drawn Death.

The game was then playtested countless times over a period of around 6 months, during which time the game developed and was moulded into the game you see today.

Stef started drawing and a series of characters were added to the game, from the clumsy bear Bad Lee to the cowardly Dave (because everyone knows a Dave!)

The decision was made to Kickstart the game in the latter half of 2018, and demos have been running ever since. Feedback has been incredible along the way and we'd like to thank everyone that has tried the game and given feedback. We're incredibly excited for the next stage of the journey and we hope you join us along the way!

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