Bonescon Play Testing

Posted: 23rd Feb 2018 | In: Events

I took along the current play test version of Badly Drawn Death to Bonescon this past weekend. Grabbed a few new faces and ran through the game with them. It was great to see a positive reaction to some of the cards, and gameplay went really smoothly.

This was probably the first session where no major questions were raised, or clarifications required - which is a good milestone! One step closer to having "blind" play tests!

It's really interesting seeing different people's reaction to a game. How they approach it and how they react to different situations. Every now and then you get a suggestion that totally changes things too and has the potential to add to the game in a way you didn't see coming. This exact thing happened at Bonescon and has caused another iteration of the rules. I believe that makes 0.4.0 now!

So, more drawing to be done before the next session. They'll be coming thick and fast over the coming months - exciting times!