What is Badly Drawn Death?

Posted: 7th Mar 2018 | In: The Game

Hello there and welcome along to Badly Drawn Death!

You may have seen us at a show or on various social networks and you're wondering what the fuss is all about. Well, let me tell you how all this started.

I've been a wargame and board game enthusiast for most of my life. From painting and pushing around little space men on the kitchen table to winning painting awards and running events for hundreds of people. From annoying my family with Monopoly at Christmas to numerous drunken nights with friends playing all manner of board and card games.

Like many people this passion occasionally extends into a "hey that's a great idea" moment and you have the idea to go for it and try your hand at making a game. A lot of the time this idea fizzles out and normal life resumes, however this time I thought to myself "let's go for it".

The idea for me came one long, tedious afternoon at work. A rules mechanic popped into my head, and then another and another. Before long I had a Google doc open writing notes for a simple card based combat game. Something that was quick to learn and brutal to play. As a player you'd constantly be under threat from others and could be out at any moment, while at the same time you had a cunning plan of your own brewing.

It didn't matter at that stage what the game was about, I knew those mechanics could be the makings of a great game

Fast forward to today, those notes have transformed over many months and many play test sessions. Yet the concept is still there and strong.

One problem - what does the game look like? What is it about? Where is it set? Is there a theme? Characters?

Badly Drawn Death was born while reminiscing the hours of fun playing Drawful - a game where we would draw some of the most outragous and silly things with our fingers on our phones. That was it - I can't draw, but I can draw things badly really well.

A fun game with great core rules and card art that can make you piss yourself with laughter every time you turn a new card over? Sign me up!