How do you play Badly Drawn Death?

You can learn how to play Badly Drawn Death right now on the how to play page. It's super easy!

Where can I get Badly Drawn Death?

Badly Drawn Death is available on Kickstarter right now! Click here to head over and view the campaign

What's included?

The core game includes 77 unique, full colour poker sized cards and a How to Play guide.

How much is it?

The core game will be £20 RRP. We are offering a discount on our Kickstarter, the main pledge is just £17.

Will there be expansions?

Yes! We already have 3 expansions in development that will be available during the Kickstarter, and lots of ideas for more too.

Is this a Kickstarter exclusive?

Not at all, we hope this is the start of an exciting new business. However the Kickstarter version of the game will include all of the unlocked stretch goals - not all of these will be available in the retail version of the game.

Will you be EU/US/Asia/Australia friendly?

Yes, we are working with a fulfilment partner based in the UK that are offering EU, US, Asia and Australia friendly delivery.